I’ll Have a Salad

She: I think I’ll have a salad.

The menu features a section called “Salads” that offers six choices, such as arugula with crumbled blue cheese, spinach salad, mixed green salad, tri-color salad, etc.

The waiter arrives.

Waiter: What can I get for you ma’am?

She: I’ll have a salad.

Waiter: OK, er, what kind of salad would you like?

She: Oh, you know, a green salad, something interesting.

Waiter: Well, we have an arugula salad with crumbled blue cheese, a spinach salad, a mixed—

She: Yes, one of those.

Waiter: Would you like the arugula salad, perhaps?

She: Sure. Or maybe, what was it, the spinach salad?

Waiter: Yes, spinach salad.

She: OK. One of those will be fine.

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